FOC bills

"FOC Bills" (Image - 091) is the detailed list of the free of charge bills. The list consists of these following information: 

- The number of the bill
- The table number
- Employee name
- Date 
- Menu item ordered
- Price of the menu item ordered
- Quantity of the menu item ordered
- Total amount of the menu item ordered
- Payment information (detailed)

Additional functions of the list: 
- Insert the start/end date to see the bills in that period of time. (enter the dates and press 'View Report")
- Send the report by email 
- M/redeem - membership redeem is a point value system in which the customer added to "Loyalty" can collect points and later use their points as payment. 
- Breakage - Breakage is a term that refers to revenue gained by retailers through unredeemed gift cards or other prepaid services which are never claimed. 

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